Begin project: Wooden Rubik’s Cube

first piece
I am a big fan of the Rubik’s Cube. When I was in college the fact that I didn’t know how to solve one started eating away at me, so I got my first cube that Christmas didn’t put it down until I learned how to solve it. Recently I thought it was time to take my love for the cube up a level and fabricate my own functional cube out of wood.

The template cube that I’m working with is actually the very cube I previously mentioned. I had scrambled and solved that cube so many times that I had literally worn the spots off of it! Now it sits as a solid black cube which anyone can solve. For the wood I chose a nice piece of cherry which I believe will present a very nice finish once it has been stained.

To test my first piece, I reassembled my cube, replacing one of the edges with my new wooden piece. It fits very well and each of the sides still turn smoothly. With enough patience, fabricating the numerous cube’s sections shouldn’t be difficult, but creating the 6-axis hub that connects the components in the center of the cube may prove to be a challenge.