Game Boy Build-Off!

The Game Boy build-off competition at BitFix Gaming has officially begun! Everyone is welcome to participate in the competition, so long as they register as a member of BitFix. The rules for the competition are fairly simple: no modding may be performed prior to today, finished projects must be functional, and all projects must fit the Game Boy theme.

I have intentionally left the theme open to loose interpretation to allow for a wide array of creativity. Examples that fit the theme include a Gamecube portable that plays Game Boy games via the Game Boy Player, virtually anything recased inside a Game Boy shell, or an electronics project shaped and painted to resemble a Game Boy. There are so many possibilities!

I’m really excited to see what kind of awesome projects are going to come out of this competition and yes, I will be creating a project of my own for this comp.

For more details on the competition visit the official competition thread on BitFix.


A Game Boy kind of contest


This summer I will be hosting a build-off with a theme loosely based around Game Boys. The rules are simple: custom-build a gaming device of your own design within the three month competition period and somehow make your build fit the theme. The theme will be very broad in its terms; projects may be a recased Game Boy, a Gamecube portable with an included Game Boy Player, or simply be a project painted to resemble a Game Boy.

The competition goes live in just under two weeks. Project work may start no earlier than June 12 and must be completed by September 14 in order to be eligible for prizes. Speaking of prizes, a combination of Game Boys and games (includuing those in the image above) will be awarded to the first, second, and third place winners.

Be sure to check out the competition thread at BitFix Gaming for additional details. If you’re interested in participating, sign up to be a member of the BitFix forums. There are no fees or additional requirements in order to enter the competition and anyone is welcome to enter prior to the September 14.

Also, I will be building my own project for this competition, although I won’t be in the running for prizes. So be sure to check back later for details on my build!

Raspberry Pi Arcade Controls Test

Part of an upcoming project that I have on my to-do list requires me to connect arcade controls to a Raspberry Pi. I wanted to get those technicalities out of the way before really digging in, so with a lot of help from a post on Adafruit’s website, I was able to connect my Pi to an iCade Core for some great arcade-style gaming.

The version of RetroPie running in the video is the 2.3 stable release. Since then, I’ve tried out the 3.0 beta, but hitting a few snags. The first of which is that the controller configuration is not retained between sessions. The second is that exiting a game causes the Pi to freeze. I’m sure this is due to the Retrogame program (from Adafruit tutorial) butting heads with the beta. If this isn’t resolved in the stable release of RetroPie 3, then I’ll have to stick with version 2.3 for my project, which really won’t be a problem at all.

And I apologize for not revealing the full nature of the project. As you can probably surmise, it’s arcade-based. For now, I prefer to keep the rest of the details in the dark.

Nintendo over-interconnectivity

Every Friday I write a column for BitFix Gaming featuring an oddity from the world of gaming. This past week’s article wasn’t focused on a single item, but the jumble you can get yourself in when toying with the interconnectivity of various Nintendo products.

Rather than spending the rest of this post explaining what I mean, this video will cover the details a lot more clearly.

Hackaday was gracious enough to include my video in their weekly links post, which helped boost my Youtube page’s activity, if just for a day or two. If you’re interested in more gaming oddities, check out my weekly feature on BitFix!

Fibbef Creations is founded

Created a WordPress blog in order to showcase my creations. For the most part, my creations will be electronics-based. However, I dally in so many different mediums that some of my work may include music, video, arts and crafts. I really won’t know until I start working on something.

The inspiration for this website was to make something similar to Downing’s Basement (the website, not the physical location). While pouring through the available WordPress themes, I actually stumbled across the same theme that he uses. I don’t want to become a complete ripoff. Because I have a couple of works in progress, I will have some content very soon.