Current Status of Life

Seeing as I’m far overdue for a post and I’ve probably got far more to discuss than a single post warrants, I figure it’s best to get updated with a single post of multiple happenings while I just let my mind ramble as I’ve done already with this run-on sentence.


Project-wise, I’ve been here and there without seeming to get much done. I started working on a home console dedicated to plug-n-play video games (much more on that in a later post), but stalled on that for one reason or another. I then got caught up purchasing a handful of cheap 3.5″ LCD screens. These are actually a godsend because cheap as they are, they look great for their size and they are not plagued with the scrolling image issue that other cheap ebay screens of late have been experiencing with older game systems.

Because of that, I decided to rebuild my Luma 64 from the ground up. In its finished state, the Luma housed a 5″ widescreen that I had set to display in 4:3 ratio and hid the black bars on the side behind the front of the Luma’s case. Also, there were some unresolved heating issues with the Luma that caused the controller to stop functioning after about 30 minutes of gameplay. Yes, it definitely needed overhauled. Besides, I didn’t much care for the enclosure.

My portable Nintendo 64 rebuild got put on hold when I entered the Secret Santa. Someone on the boards suggested gifting something modded. I am a man who is well aware of my limits and know that I could not possibly scrap something modded together within the short timeframe. Still, I wanted to go down that road, going the route of straight-up crafty and avoiding electronics altogether.


I have made a couple of crochet Yoshi’s in the past, and with this one opted to go with blue yarn and of course, wings. Everyone who has played Super Mario World knows that blue flying Yoshi is the best.

Oh, I also bought a PlayStation VR. I really love it although aside from the free demos in the PS Store, the only VR game I have currently is Gran Turismo Sport. In that game, VR mode is restricted to arcade races, but I’ve been focusing mainly on the campaign mode.


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