Raspberry Pi Arcade Controls Test

Part of an upcoming project that I have on my to-do list requires me to connect arcade controls to a Raspberry Pi. I wanted to get those technicalities out of the way before really digging in, so with a lot of help from a post on Adafruit’s website, I was able to connect my Pi to an iCade Core for some great arcade-style gaming.

The version of RetroPie running in the video is the 2.3 stable release. Since then, I’ve tried out the 3.0 beta, but hitting a few snags. The first of which is that the controller configuration is not retained between sessions. The second is that exiting a game causes the Pi to freeze. I’m sure this is due to the Retrogame program (from Adafruit tutorial) butting heads with the beta. If this isn’t resolved in the stable release of RetroPie 3, then I’ll have to stick with version 2.3 for my project, which really won’t be a problem at all.

And I apologize for not revealing the full nature of the project. As you can probably surmise, it’s arcade-based. For now, I prefer to keep the rest of the details in the dark.