2-Part Update

Nintendo S Repainted
I’ve been doing a lot of work trying to get the feel of the paint on the Nintendo S just right. It’s been a real struggle with the Rustoleum paint that I was using because it goes on way too thick. What I really needed was a little bit of paint thinner. When dealing with plastics – especially ABS – you need to be very careful with paint thinner as it can erode your plastic. Instead, I’ve been trying to smooth out the texture with good old sandpaper, 320 grit. I think I’ve finally gotten a texture I like. As you can see from the picture, I’ve finally drilled speaker holes in the front of the case. Like the SuperCon, I intend this project to be a gift for my friend DJ Psychoh! So before I put on a final layer of clear coat, I want to paint his OH! logo somewhere on the case.

SuperCon mounting parts
Speaking of the SuperCon, I’m finally in the homestretch. If you’ve been following my progress on the Bacteria forums, you would know that I ran into some trouble with the controller that I was using. Because I had chopped it up, the left arrow button wasn’t working consistently. Yesterday I bought a new 3rd party SNES controller and it worked perfectly when I wired it up. I’m in the process of mounting everything inside the case, so expect to see this project completed shortly!


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