SuperCon logo

SuperCon logo

I just wanted to add a really quick post to show off the logo that I made for the SuperCon. This was made in PhotoShop, printed onto decal paper (which gave a much crisper image than regular printer paper), then glued into place with superglue gel. I cut a piece of acrylic to the same shape, which I glued over the graphic, also with the gel. The gel works much differently than regular superglue. Whereas superglue is very runny, the gel is actually a bit thicker than ketchup and takes about half an hour to set. The upsides are that it’s easier to clean up than regular super glue because of its slower drying time and it can be easily spread out over a surface. I was worried about leaving a mess underneath the acrylic until I realized that the gel wouldn’t smudge the ink on the paper. So I spread a large gob of the gel between the paper and acrylic and squeezed it until all the air bubbles were pushed out. I then held it in a small clamp overnight.


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