SuperCon – a portable Super Nintendo inside a Nintendo 64 shell

This is a project I began working on in early April of this year. The concept is to make a portable Super Nintendo complete with rechargable batteries and a 3.5″ screen and house the whole thing inside the shell of a Nintendo 64. The shell was leftover from a previous project which I have yet to complete. I’ll create a post on that when I eventually get back to working on it. The name SuperCon is derived from the fact that this will be a graduation gift for my friend Connor and since it appears at first glance to be a Nintendo 64, it is deceiving. Hence, a con. A more detailed worklog can be viewed on Bacteria’s forum. However, I will continue to post updates here as well.

After filling the major gaps in the 64’s shell, I applied liberal amounts of Bondo to smooth out the surface. With that complete, I chopped up a third party SNES controller and “frankencased” them into the system. Believe me when I say that a LOT of sanding was done around this time.

I also cut holes on the underside of the shell for the controller’s shoulder buttons. Because the stock buttons were so short, they didn’t protrude through the holes very far. I would prefer that they stick out beyond the case by 2 or 3 millimeters. To achieve this, I made new buttons by cutting the necessary shapes out of blocks of acrylic.

Modifications to the electronics include drawing power for the motherboard from the screen’s driver board, tapping composite image directly from the mobo, and allowing the whole thing to run off of either batteries or wall power. I also had to perform a cartridge slot relocation, which is pretty standard for consoles-turned-portables.

The front and back of the system have both been primed and painted. I created a decal for the front of the system, to be placed between the controls, which I hope to have applied by the end of the week. Once that is complete, finishing the project should be a matter of wiring up audio and controls, mounting all of the internal components, and closing up the case!


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