Fibbef Creations is founded

Created a WordPress blog in order to showcase my creations. For the most part, my creations will be electronics-based. However, I dally in so many different mediums that some of my work may include music, video, arts and crafts. I really won’t know until I start working on something.

The inspiration for this website was to make something similar to Downing’s Basement (the website, not the physical location). While pouring through the available WordPress themes, I actually stumbled across the same theme that he uses. I don’t want to become a complete ripoff. Because I have a couple of works in progress, I will have some content very soon.


3 responses to “Fibbef Creations is founded

    • Thanks for the kind words! I’m still very new to WordPress and the UI is taking some getting used to. I hadn’t planned on revealing this site to anyone until I had some content posted, so I’m surprised you found it. Although I’m guessing it’s because I linked to your site, right?

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